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More About Us

A Truly Unique Community Service Program

Salud por Todos LLC was founded in 2020 with one central mission in mind: Helping all people, including Latinx and undocumented people, get access to healthcare resources. We have researched the prominent barriers to healthcare in the Latinx immigrant communities. We found that many factors such as language, identification requirements, payment models, and more make Latinx people hesitate to seek proper healthcare, often resulting in less than ideal Emergency Care for basic healthcare needs. We have also found that Latinx people utilize smartphones for research on many topics. Therefore, we created this mobile application that makes filtering for available doctors simple and low stress.

Our database currently covers specific communities in New York and Connecticut but over time we plan to expand this resource to many more communities. All in all, Salud por Todos began as a high school research project but has become so much more. The founder of Salud por Todos created this app due to her connection to the Latinx immigrant community and belief that healthcare should be available for all. 

Privacy Policy

At Salud por Todos we are committed to protecting your privacy. We understand the barriers that the Latinx immigrant community faces while accessing healthcare. Therefore, we are determined to break down these barriers. So, no personally identifiable information will be collected, including name, phone number, or email address. Additionally, Salud por Todos can assure users that our application will never track what healthcare resources the user searches for. There are no third parties involved in this application.


Salud por Todos provides information on the available physicians. We are starting with a list of clinicians in the Westchester and Bronx Counties of New York and the Fairfield County of Connecticut. As stated in our About Section, our goal is to help connect patients with primary health care providers. All data is compiled from publicly available sources. Salud por Todos does not guarantee accuracy, reliability, or completeness of this information. Patients should personally verify the availability of specific clinicians listed in Salud por Todos. This application is not meant to be used by people seeking urgent/emergency care. Anyone in need of urgent/emergent care should call 911 or go to their nearest emergency room.

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