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Commonly Asked Questions

Who owns Salud por Todos LLC?

Salud por Todos  is a Limited Liability Company that has no affiliations to any other entities.  The products created are made available to the communities we serve gratis.  No funding from other entities or ads are utilized.

Can the software be used by non Latinx people?

Given the Founders Latin roots and the healthcare disparities faced by members of the Latinx community, particularly the undocumented, Salud por Todos was created to help bridge these challenges for the Latinx community.  However, Salud por Todos is equally useful to all people and races who need help finding providers that meet their needs.

Can I get involved?

Salud por Todos may have started as a research project but it has grown to be so much more.  Our goal is to expand our database to serve more communities and other groups who have trouble gaining access to healthcare resources.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved.

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